Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Fannies drenched with product

So the failure of my last blog led me to this one. All 3 of you who read my last piece of shit, I thank you. The gratitude I feel for you is like that of the man who, his body shredded, a child pissing on his cuts, turns his face to look at you as you walk past him and says, in Tony Blackburn's voice, 'thank you, dearie.'

And this time I'm not going to proclaim anything about my prowess or ambitions. All 3, maybe 2, of you are fed up of hearing me talk. Every fucker is. Boring, boring, boring. Stinky old chopsticks up a slapper's flapper covered in brown.

But to those new to the game, let me welcome you all with a big fucking 'toot toot'. I promise you that this will most likely be the last entry in my fat fucking book of failures.

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